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Sunday, 5 March 2017

TV EYE - 1977-1978 (*ARTICLE/REVIEW*)

A couple of weeks back I got a surprise package through my letter box. It contained a CDR and some photocopied info on a band called TV Eye. My instant reaction....WOW! and.... YES! Why you may ask well let me tell ya.....Birmingham legends TV Eye first came to my ears back in 1984 on the rather brilliant first What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen compilation album with the track Stevies Radio Station which is a piece of swooning pop'n'roll since then I've wanted to hear more from 'em. Now thanks to those good people at Seventeen records and Stephen Duffy for preserving the recordings I can, and so can you. 1977-1978 is a collection of lost studio and rehearsal recordings by TV Eye.

“2017 is going to see many bands celebrating the 40th anniversary of their 1977 debut records. There won't be nearly so many from 1977 making their debut 40 years later in 2017. Here is one which is, TV Eye” - Seventeen Records Press Release.

So after waiting 33 years to hear more TV Eye, what do I think? Well....once again let me tell ya....

Opening track Repartee is a short sharp and sweet blast of Power pop Punk. It's followed by the beautiful and brilliant uplifting pure pop of Stevies Radio Station which in turn is swiftly followed by the strutting and swaggering Citizen Then we have the angsty and angular, taunt, tense and narcissistic proto post-punk Let Me Win, more Voidoids than Heartbreakers. The last of the studio recordings is the intense and grandiose Dreaming of Your Cars. The fact that none of these songs saw the light of day at the time is a rock'n'roll crime. The rehearsal tracks (Roses, When You're Gone, Cry, Cry To You and Kites are more unearthed gems, Rock'n'Roll relics that still sparkle and shine through their rough'n'ready no-fi state, they sound in places like something the Cuddly Toys would come out with a couple of years later.

TV Eye sound like The Stooges meet the Stones with a slice of Sparks added to the whole Rock'n'Roll Molotov cocktail mix. Switch-blades swish and slash as the alley cats screech, even at their most sensitive these songs scream with a spikey fuck you attitude and abandon. Dave Kusworths razor sharp guitar riffs'n'licks duel with the rhythmic chops of Paul Adams guitar, while the simple and solid rhythm section of Dave Twist's Drum's and Eamon Duffy's Bass hold it all together and Vocalist Andy Wickets wired and wild whelps, whoops wails and woo woos, add some theatrics to the whole show, which unfortunately was a rather short one.

The demise of TV Eye came shortly after Duffy and Twist joined up to help out The Prefects, Duffy opted to stay, but Dave Twist returned to TV Eye, who stumbled on but eventually fell apart by the middle of 1979 and the rest is, as they say.... history; The Subterranean Hawks, The Rag Dolls, The Jacobites, and Duran Duran....Friends'n'fans of the band Nick Rhodes and John Taylor, soon to be a future member of Duran Duran used to visit the band at their Cheapside rehearsal space and had been taking notes; Stevies Radio Station later evolved into Rio, and there is speculation that many other TV Eye ideas were taken by Duran Duran, once again the rest is history and what could have beens, but never weres but without these there might never have been The Bounty Hunters, The Tenderhooks or The Black Bombers.

TV Eye were new romantic glam punksters; ahead of their time. 1977-1978 is a timeless collection of Rock'n'Roll and it's time is now! Available from 24th March as a very limited red vinyl pressing of 300 copies on Seventeen Records, you also get a four page photo insert and essay by Dave Twist. A CD release with a couple of extra tracks will follow. What ever the format this album must be heard at all costs, it's a newly discovered masterpiece to shake the wall not to hang on the wall. Lovingly presented and packaged by people that care. This album is indeed a thing of beauty a work of art, and a must have for anyone with a luv of Rock'n'Roll at it's most primal and feral.

For more details hit the TV Eye 1977-1978 Facebook Page.

Acknowledgement to Nikki Suddens book The Last Bandit for background info to this piece. 

Saturday, 18 February 2017


Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse in the world of Politricks....Then Tony Fuckin' Blair opens his mouth! Tells all those who voted to remain in the EU to rise up and try and change the minds of the Brexitiers. He hasn't brought about peace in the Middle East, and now he could start a civil war if people still actually belief a word he says. Iraq, now there's a word. People rose up against Blair’s illegal war and took to the streets, he didn't listen to the people then, the truth has been outed, and the arrogant lying cunt thinks people are gonna listen to what he's gotta say, the sad truth is that some people will. He's only unhappy because he's not gonna get the chance to be EU leader, and Brexit is gonna be bad for his business interests.

Thatcher and Blair are why we are where we are at today; Thatcher along with Reagan and their free market globalisation project, and Blair’s continuation with it, plus with added war on terror; terrorists fly planes into buildings, and war is declared, and the rest is history; Al Qaeda/Islamic State/Syria total war equals population displacement; refugees become propaganda pawns.

Having a De-skilled, De-humanised, De-unionised and dumbed down unemployed workforce helped the growth of immigration and economic migrants, if the Brits couldn't or wouldn't do the job, then the Polish, Rumanian workers would, and at a cheaper wage, which meant bigger profits for the champaign socialist and Tory bosses.

Big business and multi-nationals run the world, not the politicians, unless you are Donald Trump, then you can do both and hid behind claims of "Fake News"

Trump has nothing to do with Russia, yeah right. Oil deals with Trumps people are on hold till sanctions are lifted, Trump person resigns over talking to Russia about lifting sanctions if Trump was elected President. What's that smell....

This shits nothing new back in 1917 American financial giants and super capitalists The Rockefellers and others funded the Russian Revolution and continued investing in the country in order to secure oil reserves for the European market In 1926 Standard Oil of New York built a refinery in Russia. Without the chaos and destruction of revolution this would not have been possible.

Sounds familiar.... Iraq, Syria...oil reserves.... Russian and American involvement in overthrowing and supporting regimes in order to secure supplies of the black gold, who would believe it?

North Korean leaders half brother is assassinated by a couple of women who thought they were taking part in a TV Prank show. You couldn't make this shit up, or could you....fake news? Another distraction from the main....attraction, the same as it's always been Russia and America.

Friday, 17 February 2017


2017 sounds like it's gonna be a buzzin' year for 'Punk Rock royalty' The Vibrators, with a 4CD Box set soon to be released by Cherry Red Records, which compiles all their recordings for Epic Records between 1976-78 and BBC sessions. Disc's 1 and 2 are the classic albums Pure Mania and V2, both have bonus B-side single tracks. Disc 3 comprises three BBC John Peel show sessions and the four songs they performed on the Old Grey Whistle Test TV show. Disc 4 Is the full nineteen raw mixing desk recording  from The Marquee, London in the punk rock summer of 1977. Forty years later and The Vibrators are about to release their 29th album; Past, Present And Into The Future, through PledgeMusic, the album will feature all original members; Knox, Pat Collier, Gary Tibbs, Jon Ellis and Eddie, plus Pete and Darrell from the current line-up. After a listen to the two stomping and slow burning tracks; Just Another Day and Loose Change (which are available for pledgers to download) and you know the rest of the album is gonna be worth more than just a listen. Details about the Box set can be found here at Cherry Red Records, and to sign up for the PledgeMusic Campaign click here.  In uncertain and unstable times, it's good to have something solid to hold on to and The Vibrators are rock solid!

Sunday, 5 February 2017


Where is the truth? What is the truth? and whose truth is it anyway? Smoke and mirrors!

Fake news, alternative facts and Bullshit broadcasts, there is no truth just propaganda and Orwellian New-speak; these are the real weapons of mass destruction as the powers that we let be try to manipulate the minds of the masses. It's all about control, and it will take less than 45 minutes!

If people don't know the truth or aren't told the truth then they will believe anything.

Brexit, the big lie....£350 million will be spent on NHS when Britain leaves EU....Bullshit, will it! I know several people who based their decision to vote leave on the basis of this alternative fact. I tried to tell them that it wasn't gonna happen, and that it was a lie to get their vote, but they didn't believe me!

Soon no-one will Know the truth, there will be No truth. The people will be fooled all the time, as they have been for most of the time. Now is the time, more people are starting to see through the lies that they had previously been told were the truth; Hillsborough, WOMD in Iraq etc. Citizens get angry! Fight truth decay, before the lies rot it away!

Totalitarian states are built on miss-information....they divide, they rule!

Let us see what the future brings, and it will begin with what we take to the party. (It won't be any veg that's for sure, sniff, sniff....what's that I smell....BULLSHIT!)    Citizens of the world unite, we will have nothing to lose when a new dawn rises on not just another day! It may not be tomorrow, but it is coming. Trust me!  That's if they haven't turned everyone into a vegetable!

In some sort of art imitating life media statement I see that Channel4 have announced that next week is fake news week and are broadcasting a series of programs about the phenomena. Strange and interesting times that is for sure.  Stay tuned folks!

Sunday, 29 January 2017

THE BRAINIAC 5 - Journey To X (*A REVIEW*)

The Braniac 5's new album is indeed a Journey....It is a full on post-psychedelic prog rock punk trip! Absorbing and atmospheric, Pink Floyd meets Yes on the hallucinogenic highway along with some folk and jazz that they've picked up along the way. The songs submerge the listener in sound, The Human Scapegoat is a twelve minute mystical exploration that warns of progress, self destruction and a need to search for a simpler life, while The World Inside swings and seduces you. If you fancy summat a bit different from yer usual Punk'n'Roll The Braniac 5's Journey To X is one well worth taking.


The usual shit....

First week in office has seen agreements signed away, Walls to go up, when it's bridges that are needed. It's a time to connect not to contain and constrict. Why should the rest of the world worry about what goes on in America? Apart from a return to the dark ages, as Trump bars Muslims from everywhere except Saudi Arabia from entering the USA, Money talks, Bullshit walks! Rights and Civil Liberties are signed away in a fervour of fear. Why indeed should the rest of the world care?

Well....where people lead others follow, and as leader of the so-called Free World, the position of President is a rather important role for a Misogynistic Bigot to have, it will legitimise similar behaviours in people; the rise of Race hate crime, sexism in the work place etc, That's if we let it happen. Like it or not Brexit and Trump have happened. We have to accept that, but what we don't have to accept is the Bullshit! Or 'Alternative facts' as Trumps people call it! The truth is Trump, Farage and Hopkins are all Cunts'n'Cows. It's the Pied Piper and the Emperors New Clothes master race mash-up mix based on popularism and a perverted Democracy where the loser becomes the winner and some times they don't even get elected by the people.

Talking of which....

British Prime Sinister Theresa May visits Washington; shakes the hand, kisses the arse then sucks the cock of Donald Trump, Trade, trade, trade, export, export, import, import, money, money, money. Gotta get a good deal for Ukplc at any cost, and money comes before morals in the 'special relationship' just look at what Maggie and Ronnie got up to in the 80's! This is gonna be an er(a)ror of a new form of globalisation with a dark fascist heart, if fascists have a heart. This is also gonna be a time for mass protests across the globe as citizens of the world unite, remember we have nothing to lose except our freedoms!

Friday, 20 January 2017

THE GODFATHERS - A Big Bad Beautiful Noise - (*A REVIEW*)

Peter Coyne, The Godfathers only remaining original member said he wanted their new album to be a....”Kick arse contemporary Rock'n'Roll record that expands upon the musical legacy of the great Godfathers albums - Hit By Hit, Birth School Work Death, More Songs About Love And Hate and Unreal World. And I believe we've done that.” and he's right, they have! Peter maybe the last man standing, but ….these new boys of his rock in a way The Godfathers have never rocked before, there are some anthemic moments like the albums closing track You and Me against the World, which is a real lighters in the air guitarfest moment for outsiders everywhere. The whole affair is kicked off by the post apocalyptic sonic molotov cocktail of the title and opening track A Big Bad Beautiful Noise, which like several on the album; Defibrillator and Feedbacking have heavy traces and large doses of Hawkwindesq spaced out psychedelia and Stooges stoner rock, others, like One Good Reason verge toward Lou Reed and Velvet Underground, while You Don't Love Me and Lets Get Higher recall the The Godfathers of old. Then there are some new Pop/Rock hooks on  Till My Heart Stops Beating and the tribal stomp of Poor Boys Son plus an aching guitar ballad She's Mine It is indeed contemporary, check out Miss America for a timely attack on the land of the free, and musically, well some of these tracks wouldn't sound out of place on a Primal Scream album. Big Bad Beautiful Noise....It does what it says on the tin and more It is a potent and explosive mixture of songs, something for everyone, an album that makes you feel.... so alive! What more can you ask for in a Rock'n'Roll record?



Sunday, 8 January 2017


Prescription drugs fuck you up! Stress and anxiety fucks you up! Yoga and whale music ain’t my thing. Count to 10 deep breaths....BANG! That don't work I just wanna explode. Counselling / therapy maybe, but from my experiences those doing the listening are just as fucked up as those doing the talking, except their making a living out of our feelings. Prescription drugs control the anger/energy, reduce the stress and anxiety, but suppress feelings, creativity and thinking. Just like they want the people to be. Well not this one anymore. It's been a struggle but I'm busting through and getting the writing going. Thinking hasn't been the problem....Too much? Probably! But there's been a lot to think about on the macro level; Brexit, Trump, Syria etc, and on a micro level, well....that's my war, in my head! The struggles on both levels continue and I will keep on keeping on addressing them in my own time with my own mind.

Thank goodness for Rock'nRoll to continue to shine a light in dark times. 'cos this year's seen some fucking good shit: THE RUTS – This Music Must Destroy / UK SUBS – Ziezo / SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS – Vicious / THE WITCHDOKTORS – Voodoo Eye / THE FOLK DEVILS – Beautiful Monsters /BLACK BOMBERS – Black Bombers / REACTION – Accelerator / BAD BREEDING – Bad Breeding / ENEMIES OF PROMISE / CONTINENTAL LIASONS / THE DeRELLAS /
Easy Actions continuing NIKKI SUDDEN collections, has seen a lovely 3 CD Box Set of Treasure Island hit the market earlier this or last year, complimented by the release of a blistering live set from Berlin’s Quasimodo Club
Some I reviewed and some I didn't, and I've probably forgotten to mention a few more, but.... Hey, Ho!

Had a few technical difficulties not just in my mind but also in the Laptop's, which has days were it's not responding; more memory needed, attacked by viruses and generally fucked. yeah know that feeling sometimes....now where was I? Yeah....so uploading music is/has been a bit of an issue/hassle, hoping to get this resolved.
Hold on tight cos I reckon 2017 is gonna be a bumpy ride Just gotta stay strong and keep on keepin' On!

ZIEZO....an Un-posted/published/edited/finished UK SUBS Review from Nov 2016.

The final UK Subs alphabet album bottles the “spirit of our time” into a fantastic and inspirational brew for those of us old and wise enough not to have fully grown up.  
I Get the same feeling of excitement as I did as an impressionable youngster when I first heard Another Kind Of Blues. The 'Subs must have made an impression, because here I am Thirty Six years later still in their stranglehold, raving about their latest album. After 26 albums one for each letter of the alphabet, Charlie Harper has achieved his (possible) Guinness World Record busting goal, and Ziezo. that's it....
Ziezo is Dutch I believe for that's it

The album cover takes the past and makes it the present as it resembles and has echoes of the Another Kind of Blues sleeve.  So where do the UK Subs go from here?
It has been a long hard road the Subs have travelled along, throughout this journey.
If this is to be their last album, well they've certainly finished up on a high and with some style and substance. Timeless.

Ska Punk Rock'n'Roll crunching riffs, powerhouse drumming give a pummelling and pounding power to the songs.
As always lyrically tuned in to the world around them, musically varied.
It's well produced, well played and just.... well fucking good! Up there with the best of 'em. Even a couple of possible fillers are killers, and Banksy has got to be up there in the top ten of Subs tunes.

Its fitting that this release was funded by the fans through pledge music
Charlie, Alvin, Jet and Jamie are the final classic UK Subs line-up from W to Z they have rocked out as powerfully as any of the previous classics 
World domination for the UK Subs, because they deserve it!

Monday, 2 January 2017

NEW YEAR! I dunno if it's gonna be a HAPPY one though.... Depends on what side of the bed yer sleeping on!

I recently heard on the radio the Uber Right Wing Farage'n'Trump loving Katie Hopkins saying that the Left refer to the Brexit and President Trump votes happening as a result of populism because they don't know what else to call it. Well here's some news for you, it's called FASCISM!, they know that and they also know it could be coming our way. Right and Left unite, they have more in common than they care or dare to admit, because they are all a bunch of Dic(k)tators! History shows this to be the case! I also heard that the BBC are promoting something called 'Oneness' It sounds like the Great British state are trying to create some sort of post-Brexit social cohesion and consensus by brainwashing people to feel united and together ready for what the future might bring. A good thing surely? Well, no, because I've got more news for you. Oneness and Togetherness are not the same thing. One is about being a single minded unity, the other is about groups working in co-operation with each other. One promotes differences, the other division by prejudice and scapegoating those that are different. People like Katie Hopkins and organisations like the BBC are the enemy of the people!  

Concentration Camps and Gulags....there's a fine line between Fascism and Communism. They are different sides of the same coin....Euro/Pound/Dollar/Yen. 2017 the year the Capitalist coin stops spinning, history will decide who had luck on their side.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Attack, The Urban Dogs fifth album is a real feast. A beautifully crafted and constructed twelve track (Ten originals and a couple of covers) masterpiece that defies  musical categorization; chunks of Punk, Garage, Rock, R'n'B and Psychedelia have been fed into the Urban Dogs musical blender and produced a collection of songs that really are Another Kind of Blues. The genre busting sound of Attack is down to the three distinct and different styles of song writing and singing of Knox, Charlie Harper and Alvin Gibbs and their collective influences, mustn't forget Drummer Mathew Best who provides a solid beat from the back..  the Urban Dogs are greater than the sum of their parts.All over the album guitars bleed and cry harmonicas wail and the rhythm throbs. The sound is menacing the pace is at times fast and hard and at others slow and smouldering. Stand out tracks? all of them, there's no sitting down here!  We are Machines is a haunting unholy hum, a dark and intense short circuit of a song that burns slowly into yer skull. Goddamn Liar, a vicious vitriolic attack on all politicians by Bass, Guitar and Drums....Crash, Bang, Wallop! Then there's Pawnshop Special a harmonica driven fucked up Faces boogie. Storm of Golgotha Tonight throbs and pulses, while the recent single Trick Or Treat is a sinister spaced out strum about. The cover of Johnny Thunders You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory tears away the tenderness from the bone leaving behind a beefed up beast of a tune with added punk rock Hammond organ that bares only a passing resemblance to the original, this is a good thing....Total Punk Rock! Even the standard RnB fodder of I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone sounds fresh and rejuvenated in the hands of the Urban Dogs and their 21st Century Blues. Attack is available over at Time and MatterRecordings. 

Monday, 28 November 2016


The DeRellas are back! Not that they really went away; A swift line up change and straight out of the Punk'n'Roll Garage all fired up and  onto the streets again, ready to continue the party they started. Their new  mini-album Freakshow is a sexy six track glittery glamstastic brew. Every track is guaranteed to get yer stack heels stomping, doc martins dancing or brothel creepers bopping. Splatterings of Slaughter and The Dogs, lashings of The Lurkers and heaps of The Heartbreakers and a never say die, don't give a fuck attitude adorn the bands own tunes, while in the bottox dripping 21st Century silicon implant obsessed world an inspired cover of Adam and The Ants Plastic Surgery rounds it all off nicely. Top shelf stuff....These boyz just keep on sticking it to the man! Freakshow is available here in 10” slime green vinyl or as a Digipack CD.  Highly inflammable and highly recommended! 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016


In times of social confusion, political upheaval and economic uncertainty we need Rock'n'Roll that matters, and in this new error we are entering Enemies Of Promise matter, with their lyrical snapshots of this dis united and divided Kingdom we are living/existing in. Opening track Know Your Shame references Julian Assenge, David Kelly The second addresses the National Health servicing multi national drug companies Hearthland is a scathing attack on the North South divide. and Broken burys the capital punishment debate.
Enemies of Promise just keep getting better and better with each release, and the Hearthland E.P is their best yet. With dual vocals, power chords and thumping rhythms, they sound like Carter USM meeting The Jam, but with twice the passion. They are a force to be reckoned with; keeping the flag flying in the face of the impending storm that is heading our way unless people question the way the winds of change are blowing, and who the real enemy is. Insurrection and Revolution never sounded so pure, powerful and full of promise. Check 'em out over at their facebook page. Ignore and remain ignorant of a different future than the ones our enemies are promising us.

Monday, 14 November 2016


Well....It's been a few months since the good people of Great Britain voted to leave the European Union, they fell for all the bullshit and propaganda, since then both the Labour and Conservatives had/have leadership issues and party’s have become divided. The result of the referendum was a democratic decision, but it has left Britain with another unelected Prime Minister. Racial tension is growing across the globe; trigger happy US Cops gun down Black people, Black people gun down cops. There is a very real possibility that Donald Trump could become the next American president, The referendum result has seen the rise of hate crimes in Britain, thanks to the anti immigration sentiments promoted by certain sections of the leave campaign; UKIP and Britain First. The Austrian people elected a Right Wing president and the Le Penn dynasty in France are always there All that is solid melts into air as a spectre haunts Europe – the spectre of Fascism!

Another day another death, carnage on the streets of somewhere. Terror attacks Total war Muslims V's Christians

Independence Day, Armageddon or Apocalypse Now! Project Fear becomes project reality, only time will tell, but the workers, disenfranchised and the dispossessed will still get the crumbs.... That's if we do actually leave.

Turn a negative into a positive? Glass ½ empty, glass ½ full, or glass smashed on the floor?

My brain is starting to hurt through trying to keep sane in this crazy world, where death and destruction appear to be a daily occurrence across the globe and nearer to home.

People stare at screens while I write in my note book.

Anarchy in the UK....In the days that followed the Brexit 'victory' the government were in meltdown; there was nobody driving, and whose gonna rule when governments fall? Not the Labour Party that's for sure, because they were (and still are) in a mess and are a defective opposition against an undemocraticly elected leader; Theresa May. Once again our democracy is left wanting.

(All the above was written prior to US election result.)

The election of Donald Trump as US President is a piece in the jigsaw, a picture of a New World Order that gets it's support from people basic primal instinct; self interest and self preservation.

Playing with the pieces means you don't see the whole picture.

Militarised Police Forces Robo-Cop storm-troopers the defenders of the state against what it defines as terrorism. Descent will rise as people on both sides of the political divide get let down and lied to. “Ever get the feeling you've been cheated” United they stand divided we fall. They want build walls/fences instead of bridges across the divides that they keep creating, both physical and mental.

Medicate feelings through state prescribed drugs.

Half the Americans are in therapy or on anti depressants, it's no wonder they voted for President Trumpery Trump! Perhaps the right to vote wasn't such a good idea! Universal sufferage, yeah....and universally everyone is gonna suffer. The only thing that's gonna save the World is an assassins bullet. Extreme? Maybe.... but a President that didn't denounce the KKK's endorsement of him, well that just scares the shit outta me. Still at least it's gonna give Putin someone to have a fight with over another piece in the jigsaw....The Middle East! Then there's the Balkans and Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Or will Trump withdraw the US military from the world, he's not keen on NATO, is that the sound of a future European Army marching.

9/11 another piece. The Taliban the Americans friends when they were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. US UK special relationship Cruise missiles and Greenham Common. Orgrave, Battle of The Beanfield, the Poll Tax, Criminal Justice Bill, more small pieces. Anti terror laws, stop and search armed police 24 hour CCTV Universal coverage and all to protect our freedom. Democracy; smoke and mirrors one person one vote.

Brexit and Trump have been described as “democracy in action.” Yeah right....one based on division and deception. British Prime Minister Theresa May is unelected by the British people! More voted against the Conservative Party than voted for it, and more people voted for Clinton than Trump.

In regard to Brexit, Theresa May is refusing to let Parliament have a say and decisions as to how it happens. High Court judges decided that they should, but May is appealing against this ruling. A parliament that is made up of MP's from all parties who were voted there by the people. So how exactly is democracy in action if she doesn't believe that these MP's who represent the people should have a say about what the people have decided. There is an acceptance that despite the blatant lack of truth on both sides of the in/out brigades, the immediate going back on promises in regarding the NHS and xenophobia and right wing rhetoric on the leavers side that Britain will leave the EU, it is how and when this happens and what it will mean to the country that's what our MP's need to have a say on, without that we will be living in a Totalitarian Fascist state not a democracy.

The first foreign politician Donald Trump meets is Nigel Farage! Where's a suicide bomber when you need one?

If all things come in Threes then next year will see the election of the far right leader Marie LePenn as French President.

Emotional Fascism! Don't tell me what and how to think. Get over it, move on don't be a sore loser stop winging. FUCK OFF!....don’t try and deny peoples feelings or make them feel that it's not acceptable to question the rules of law and the results of so called democratic decisions. Disobey all orders!


This review is long over due, the passing of time in a timeless age goes too quick, better late than never. Continental Liaison have taken the past out from the garage, downloaded the present and constructed a solid structure of sound from blocks of Beats'n'Riffs, it's the sound of the future; a post industrial new technological world disorder. Continental Liaison keep on keeping on with the power of their songs, and these couple of latest ones (Action Time! and The Sublime) are no exception. Once again Continental Liaison sound like nothing else from the underground with their death dance disco beats, fuzzy garage guitars and semi spoken/sung vocals. A Goth, Garage Punk, Disco Pop mash up as infectious as the zeke virus.  Check 'em out at their facebook page.

Monday, 30 May 2016


Just under a month to go before the people of Britain 'have a say' in their countries future, and just over a month since I started writing this and trying to make sense of the NOnsense of it all. Should we stay or should we go? IN / OUT shake it all about! Great Britain or Little England?
UKIP and the Vote Leave campaign want to take back control of our country, (well....I wouldn't want those UKIP cunts in charge of anything!) from the European Union and its monolithic bureaucracy which is taking away Britain’s sovereignty if you believe that truth. Well I for one would rather have the better Workers and Human Rights that have come from Europe than our government using its sovereignty to try and take them away.

Why are we having this referendum? Is it to appease the UKIP, EDL and Britain First Populist flag waving public who will choose their choice based on Immigration! Because both the Labour and Conservative Parties parties refused or were unable to address these concerns for fear of being branded racists, or because they knew we needed a supply of cheap labour to increase profit for Ukplc, and British workers would refuse to work for 'low' wages.

The voters are given 'informed opinions' by lying politicians, totally partial impartial economists and the pound loving business leaders everyone trying to protect their own interests. Who do we believe? Non of 'em! How do we make our decision? Or has it already been made for us?

The IN / OUT campaigns are psychological warfare; the people are under psychic attack from propaganda that is using fear as its weapon. Our country will be at risk from....Everything and Everyone, if we leave (Higher prices houses, food etc, and Terrorists). Our country will be at risk from Everything and Everyone, if we stay (millions more immigrants, not enough jobs, schools, hospitals etc) A game of chance in a casino economy. This isn't the X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, this is for the nations future, or so they say, because I have little doubt that the deals have all been done; it's what money wants that counts, global money in the unseen hands of the elite that pull the strings of puppeteer politicians and play the tunes for governments to dance to, and I'm sure they want Britain dancing along arms in arms with France, Germany and the rest of 'em at the Brussels Ball, unless they want a New World disOrder, then there will be no more dancing just disharmony at home and abroad.

Project Fear (their words not mine) is now telling the people that leaving the EU could threaten global peace and bring about a risk of war in Europe, and ISIS and Russia would like it if we were to leave the EU. Cameron is not just a cunt, he is a crazy cunt peddling propaganda that is meant to scaremonger people into submission. Anyway....I thought the government were meant to keep the people that keep them in power safe and secure, that's why they tell us we've got CCTV watching our every move, armed police shadowing every step to keep us safe from terrorists who want to destroy the British home ownership, share holding, foreign holiday way of life, yet the Prime Minister is spreading fear and terror amongst the people he's supposed to protect.

If the Great British public decide to exit the EU then David Cameron will have to go! Replaced by Boris Johnson?! A charismatic fella, connects with people all the makings of a dicktator for the flag waving populist peoples. Across the Atlantic our new special friend could be Donald Trump, that's if he would be prepared to do business with multi-cultural Ukplc.

Prices will go up. What price the cost of living when people are only existing to pursue the latest product? Maybe if people were free from a consumer existence they might start living!
Glossy Sunday paper pull-outs; more Royal pornography a 90 year old tax burden figure head for a near bankrupt Ukplc, a not so Great Britain, the days of Empire have past. Let the statues remain so future generations will learn the truth about our past rather than a photo-shop revisionism of our history. Ghetto mindset of selfie interest. Everyone's seeking acceptance of their existence! Please Like Me! Have my thoughts/feelings been shared? How many care?

The media manipulates the minds of the masses with lies and moral out crys. Politicians lie and the majority have no morals, they preach of the ills of corruption yet Ukplc feeds and facilitates the corruption with foreign aid and cheap London property. Everyone is guilty! Offshore Bank accounts, backhanders, not paying the correct tax its all the same. Power corrupts, and the powerful are the most corrupt. David Cameroon shakes the hands of the “fantastically corrupt” while UK tax and property concessions go into their backpockets, and then stands back in judgement.

Barrack Bully Boy Obama protecting US interests; capital hill and the dollar bill! a New World Order needs a united Europe. Special relationship missiles on British soil, Starbucks on every corner. If not then get to the back of the line. The US need Britain to stay in the EU, so that they have someone to do their dirty work for them. How many of our allies would have joined with Americas war on terror if Britain hadn't backed it? Talking of war in Iraq, where's the Chilcott Report! Lets hope it doesn't take as long as the Hillsborough Enquiry, when after 27 years the truth is out 96 working class fans unlawfully killed and facts covered up., lets hope justice comes quicker, before the guilty die! Wonder what they don't want us to know about in The Chilcott Report....Lies, cover ups, misinformation, What we do know about is the outing of the offshore banking business of the money elite, and that David Cameron is a liar....FACT!
Chilcott Report due out in July! I think they mean this July (2016) Lest we forget that the trouble started with Blair and Bush's illegal war, and now he's got the cheek to say that the only way to defeat ISIS is with having troops on the ground, is he still the Middle East Peace Envoy? I fuckin' hope not, cos he aint done too good a job of it.

Speaking out against the Israeli state doesn't make you Anti-Semitic. Referring to historical facts and mentioning Hitler in relation to them doesn't make you a Nazi. There maybe Anti-Semitic sentiment in the far Left of The Labour Party that need addressing, because lest we forget the Nazi Party in Germany were a Left Wing party....The National Socialist Party!
The Conservatives are no better, the Election for the London Mayor were marred by their Islamaphobic views towards Labour candidate Sadiq Khan, and then we've got UKIP, who just hate everyone that wasn't born in Britain.
First Ken Livingstone, and now Boris Johnson mentions the H word (Hitler) in reference to the EU Referendum, he stated another fact; that Hitler wanted a unified Europe, a superstate, like the European Union. Once again it is deemed in some quarters of the media that it is wrong for politicians to mention Hitler, no it is wrong to try and censor people and hope that if unfortunate truths aren't mentioned then they will go away and people will forget facts. It's interesting that a couple of politicians from the left and right both choose to mention a Totalitarian leader, because that is where we are heading....a Totalitarian state with illusions of democracy whether the vote is Yes to stay in, or Yes to get out.

The referendum has already divided Political parties, friends and families, will these divisions start to polarise if those that wanted to exit lose the vote. Will there be more defections to UKIP, who will emerge the victors whatever the result, because someone will have to address the populists opinion that will grow and see Britain First and the EDL gain support, and as we have seen neither of the major parties seem to be able to do anything, they wont even celebrate St Georges Day by having it as a Bank Holiday. It is an uncomfortable truth that there are growing Nationalist feelings across Europe, it was a close call in Austria; where in the land of Hitler’s birth the Far Right candidate nearly became President. Lets not think it can't happen in Britain, because it already starting, and that's my fear....If we leave the EU then Britain will become far more nationalistic than is healthy. The state machinery is strong Armed Police, Anti- Terror Laws, Total CCTV Surveillance, access to emails etc. It has grown stronger due to Governments scare tactics about our safety and security, people have been led by unfounded fears into acceptance of having freedoms taken away in order to remain free from those that wish to destroy our freedoms. Just who are the terrorists? And do we want this machinery to end up in the hands of The Nationalist Flag waving Peoples Army of UKIP and their like?

In some sort of conclusion, where to place ones cross on June 23rd, in probably the most important decision that the people of Britain have been allowed to make; to Leave or to Remain in the European Union. Whatever the result, I don't think the United Kingdom will be the same again. If we go times may get tough a lot quicker, if we remain it may take a little longer. Nationalism will rise (lets see what happens in the European Champions Final in France this summer.) not just in Britain. If we remain cracks will develop not just between between our government and the EU, because there are other countries that aren't happy with relationships with the Union.
With these sort of decisions, its about the Head and Heart, my heart says if we leave then it would be the first step to some sort of revolution in Britain which could be good, but my head says that the Conservatives would lead it more to the right, and would Labour even get into power to lead it the right way to the left? I certainly wouldn't want this lot of Tory Cunts having total control of the show So if we remain my head says that there will be more compromises Britain has to make with the EU that will be unpopular with the people, I think I'd rather that than the Conservatives having the final say on making new laws, look what they've already done for the poor, made them poorer,the workers, made them work harder all while we are in the EU. My heart says that we should remain, because there is safety in numbers, and the workers of Europe need to remain united, in times when all that is solid is starting to melt into air! The citizens of Ukplc need to vote with their hearts, because all the for/against propaganda has fucked with peoples minds! Here's to hoping the British people have a heart and do the right thing and VOTE TO REMAIN! 

Monday, 25 April 2016

BAD BREEDING - Bad Breeding (*EXCLUSIVE* Free Download of their album! (*AVAILABLE NOW*)

If Stevenage had a sound, then this would be it; Discordant and Disjointed just like the council estates that make up England's first New town. It's from here, a place where “nothing happens except nothingness” that Bad Breeding come from, they have been described in some quarters (NME and The Guardian) as “The Best New Punk Band in Britain.” but hey who believes what they read in the press? Never mind that, take it from me Bad Breeding are something special, a band taking a stand and doing things their way on their terms, this is no corporate cock sucking retro bullshit; this is the now. Bad Breeding’s self titled debut album is a stark statement of intent, a Punk Rock symphony in sixteen parts, a soundtrack to closing factories and steel mills, celebrity culture and aspirations in a divided unequal society run by a government whose moral compass is pointing nowhere. It is a state of the nation address to a nation in a state, where things need addressing. It is the sound of the gory days of 1980's Thatchers Britain fast forwarded to the future were after Thirty Six years nothing politically or socially has changed, if anything things have got worse. Musically think Crass, Flux of Pink Indians with a (dot)dash of Wire fed into the music blender, which has produced a sound akin to a full scale riot. This is angular and angry stuff; with a capital A! music to smash shit up to!! Bad Breeding have taken raging against the machine to another level, but it isn't a mindless thrash, it's intelligent stuff with words that say and mean something:
“Sick of being tied to your institution / Fumbling around for a moment of clarity / Punch drunk from every conflicting demand / I blame myself, blame you, blame everyone//” Bad Breeding speak out for and to a new generation of dispossessed, disadvantaged and discriminated against in a divided we are all in this together (like fuck we are) society. This album is the sound of dissatisfaction and de(con)struction. A relentless roar of rage and frustration with every vocal breath, often struggling to be heard above the barrage of buzz saw guitar that drills into yer skull and the pounding, pummelling bass and drums which shake your spine. The individual songs bleed into each other with feedback and white noise stitching them together to create a seamless and tuneful cacophony that needs to be heard, and demands the listeners attention. This is uncompromising, challenging and confrontational. Fast and frantic, full on and furious. A total onslaught and assault on the senses. Music to torture Tories with; Cameron and his cronies need capturing, locking in a room and forced to listen to this at full volume on repeat play until their ears fucking bleed and their heads explode!. This album is Bad Breeding’s truth, and the truth hurts. Extreme music for extreme times when the walls really need shaking. The kids of today have got everything, yet they have nothing. What they really need is some Bad Breeding in their lives. It's the future, Turning nothingness into something.“Stevenage Calling to the underworld, come out of the cupboards all you boys and girls.” Keeping it real and sticking it to the man rather than selling out to him, Bad Breeding have made their debut album free to download Right Here, Right Now....RIOT ON! 
In the wake of the success of 'left-field' bands like Sleaford Mods and Slaves, and the continued support of mainstream music media Bad Breeding could become The Most Important Punk Band band in Britain. Giving the yoof of today a parental guidance free band that matter!




Friday, 15 April 2016

JOEY RAMONE & FRIENDS - Live in New York (*MPFree Download*)

Hey, Ho, lets go....Here's a little something to remember Joey Ramone who died on this day fifteen years ago.....Today’s post finds him very much alive somewhere and at sometime in New York City  with his all-star band; Daniel Rey-Guitar/Andy Shernof-Bass/Marky Ramone-Drums, blasting out a short, sharp and sweet set of Ramones numbers and a couple of covers.  Enjoy! 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

LE MAT - The Waltz of The Fool (*VINYL ALBUM, MP3 RE-POST*)

I've been asked to re-post this several times, so here we go. Le Mat came from Southend on Sea, England. Their debut album The Waltz of The Fool was recorded in 1982 over 10 days and on a budget of £2,000 it was eventually released on Friday 13th June 1983 by Whaam records. A very special album that defies all categories; is it folk, post punk, psychedelic or prog rock, who gives a fuck! It is a unique and beautiful record both musically and lyrically. If anything, it sounds in places like a group of travelling Elizabethan mistrals armed with electric guitars singing protest songs for the peasants.  I should have re-posted it way before now, but better late then never. You’d be a fool not to have a waltz to it, so here you go! It is a real gem that still shines brightly after over 30 years, shame this rip from my original vinyl is a bit crackly and has one glaring jump/scratch, I make no apologies for having a well played and loved record in my collection.   Enjoy!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

BLACK BOMBERS - Black Bombers (*A REVIEW*)

The spirits of Nikki Sudden and Johnny Thunders ooze into the mixture of the Black Bombers 5 star Rock'n'Roll petrol. Their self titled debut album is the sound'n'smell of burning rubber; screaching'n'smoking, a full throttle pedal to the metal Rock'n'Roller coaster of a ride that slips and slides across the tarmac. Drums pound and clatter, the Guitar drops out before it stabs you with  chops and slashes. The Bass rumbles on as speakers start to shake and rattle. Vocals are an anguished drawl. Garage Punk at its best; wild and feral with no bullshit to detect. Eleven tracks that kick in the jams and mow you down, leaving you twitching by the roadside. The freshest old sounds I've heard for years; Rock'n'Roll keeps revolving! Black Bombers are a testimony to this and are just the prescription for the summer time blues. The album is released by Easy Action records at the end of May. Highly Inflammable and highly recommended! 

Monday, 28 March 2016

JOHNNY THUNDERS COSA NOSTA - Live @ The Lyceum, London 9th Oct 1983 (* A MPFree Re-Post*)

An anonymous reader/listener who's got good taste has requested this mighty fine Johnny Thunders recording be re-posted, so here it is for whoever you are, and for whoever else wants a blast of some top quality Thunders gear, if they haven't already sampled it!. The Lyceum was packed and Johnny played his heart out for an hour and a half with a collection of top tracks, the old, new, borrowed and blue, the good the bad and the ugly, they are all here, on what is possibly my favourite Johnny Thunders live recording ever; as it captures everything that made him great as a musician and entertainer in just one hit. Enjoy!  


There appears to be a dark cloud descending over the Western world, full of bigotry and intolerance, from Donald Trump to the European Union. Anti this, anti that finger pointing stigmatizing and wall building. Fear and terror spreads, exploding in Airports, Stations and on the streets. Taliban Tabloid terror stalks through readers minds, seeds are planted and start to grow into hanging trees.  We are not so much sleep walking into a total security armed police state where everyone is a terrorist and everything a suspicious package, but are being drugged by doses of misinformation and propaganda. When ignorant people are scared they will believe what the powers tell them and follow blindly down the path the pied piper leads them! those that stay behind need to take care, because a hard rain is gonna fall and there might not be much shelter from the storm.

Friday, 25 March 2016

THE NOVEMBER FIVE - Throwing Rocks Against The Sun (*A REVIEW*)

It's been Three years since their critically acclaimed debut album If You Are Satisfied Then You Are Dead, and The November Five are still angry.   Their new relsease Throwing Rocks Against The Sun packages this rage into a parcel bomb of an album that when played explodes in your stereo. This is awe and some more some stuff. A soundscape of a disUnited and divided Kingdom painted with pounding rhythms, contagious choruses and guitars that chop and cut right through you. Compelling and incendiary stuff, caustic and catchy. Eleven atmospheric and anguished anthems howl at and kick against the cold clinical corrupt and corporate computer age climate. In this environment The November Five are keeping the engine of Music as Revolution running, they're a shining and polished example of Rock'n'Roll at its best, something that fuels the heart and feeds the head. The sound of 21St Century Rhythm'n'Bruise with a touch of Gothic glamour added to the mix. Think The Stooges, Gang of Four, The Godfathers and Joy Division colliding at the crossroads. Throwing Rocks Against The Sun is a work of art, a life affirming and uplifting listen for times when a darkness descends. Do not ignore this machine! If you feel satisfied without giving The November Five a listen, then you really are dead! Check out their Facebook page.